Ep 301: The (Modern) Proverbs 31 Woman


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On this episode, I’m featuring a woman who models the Proverbs 31 woman. (That’s not the way she describes herself; that’s my interpretation:) As we talk about money, building multiple businesses &, above all, following Christ.

Meet Lea Carawan. CEO of LifeMatters International. Founder of Transformed Living. Speaker. Consultant. Executive, Marriage & Life Coach. Ordained minister. Board of Reference Member, ICCI (International Christian Coaching Institute)

Listen as we talk about:

- Lea's work over the past three decades (always following the Lord's prompting, resulting in great success) (2:21)

- Women's money blocks (and the ONE question to ask to overcome yours, for good) (19:54)

- The interplay between mindset & Biblical values in honoring your priorities & balancing work, family, church & community service (9:45)

- The Belief Principle (the convicting question of what do you say you believe v. what you truly believe) (6:12)

- The PIC Approach to fruitful relationships (the foundation of transformed living) (10:01)

PLUS Lea shares her thoughts about the upcoming In Focus & Empowered Conference, happening LIVE (or virtual) on Sept. 29th–Oct. 1st.

>> Reserve Your Ticket (or find out more): https://iccicoaching.com/conference

Learn more about Lea & her work: https://transformedliving.org/

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