Ep 303: Coach v. Mentor v. Educator v. Strategist: Which do YOU Need?


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There's a lot of confusion out there when it comes to the different types of experts helping entrepreneurs build their business.

For example, people call themselves 'coaches' even when they don't DO what a 'coach' does.

Bottom line: be careful - and discerning when considering getting business-building help.

My goal in this episode is to bring crystal clarity to you.

Listen as I break it all down for you: -what’s the difference between each type of expert (6:48) - which type is best for each stage of business (26:21) -how to determine which is right for YOU (35:24) PLUS I lay out the ‘tough questions’ you should ask anyone you’re considering hiring (hey, before you open your wallet, you need to make sure you're making a solid choice) >> Join the Wait List to my NEW Joyful 6 Figures Accelerator (doors opening soon) The Accelerator is a LIFETIME container, teaching a SIMPLE business-building process, in a community of UNASHAMED Jesus lovers, where PERSONALIZED coaching opportunities abound (including WEEKLY coaching calls with me) And BEST of all: it comes with a GUARANTEE! (yep, that's what I said:) Get on the WAIT LIST: http://builda100kbiz.com (be among the first to get all the juicy details)

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