Ep 304: Mastermind Success Story (Niki McClain)


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In this episode, you'll hear from one of my Joyful Scaling Mastermind clients and, in particular, how the Lord God is moving - mightily - in her business and her life!

Meet Niki McClain. Devoted Christ follower. Wife & Mom of 3. Uber successful serial entrepreneur. Multi Million Dollar Realtor & Owner of a brand NEW boutique, people-focused, Jesus-centered Real Estate Brokerage: Collection 7 Realty (just over a month old blessed with 35 agents & counting). She's also the co-owner of Balanced Kitchen Co. (offering healthy & delicious meals to go in Edmond OK). As if that's not enough, Niki is a Coach for successful entrepreneurial women.

You will surely be inspired by Niki's success story - which displays the grace, love + guidance of Jesus.

Listen as we discuss:

- Niki's journey into entrepreneurship, including how she's heard God directing her along the way (get ready to be blown away by something that happened shortly after entering real estate...that led to a bold decision to grow her own real estate team, after being a Realtor for less than a year) (2:16)

- The meaning behind the name of Niki's brokerage (and her mission to break the mold of traditional real estate) (29:33)

- The importance of intentionality, investing & thoughtset when it comes to entrepreneurship (40:15)

- What was missing in her business that led her to decide to work with me (9:11)

- Key takeaways she's learned since we started working together, including what's changed in both her business and her life (including how SHE has changed) (27:46)

- Why she decided to join the Joyful Scaling Mastermind and what her experience inside has been (18:50)

PLUS Niki shares a powerful marketing technique that grew her business quickly (it's something YOU can implement too).

Collection 7 Realty: https://www.c7realty.net Balanced Kitchen Co.: https://balancedkitchenco.com/

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