Ep 308: Design + Profit (Client Success Story: Emanuela Little)


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In this episode, you'll hear how my client (an interior design professional) went from barely breaking even to generating a profit, with revenues DOUBLING after just one quarter. Then TRIPLING the next!

Meet Emanuela Little, Interior Design Professional based out of Hamilton, Ontario, specializing in residential interior decorating & design to busy working families.

Listen to learn:

- designer 'insider secrets' - including the 3 biggest mistakes people make DIY-ing it

- hear Emanuela's story - and growth as a CEO:

* what her business was like before we worked together; * the #1 thing she learned (hint, hint: it wasn't a 'strategy); & * the importance of working with an experienced business coach offering a comprehensive approach (NOT piecemeal)

Focusing on the right things created predictability for Emanuela, resulting in revenue leaps, quarter after quarter.

(The same can happen for YOU!)

>> Download Emanuela's Designers Style Guide (and learn more): https://bellacasainteriors.ca/designersstyleguide5keys

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