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My talk with Brick Bible creator Elbe Spurling was epic, I mean like, biblical epic. Look, we even came up with our own masturbation euphemism! Elbe is a fantastic artist working in Lego, photography, music, acrylic pouring and even upside down gardening! It’s been a joy to call her a friend for over a decade now and I’m happy to get to share her amazingness with you all.

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Elbe spurling is a blue-haired atheist transgender lesbian artist best known for The Brick Bible series of books, a 12-year project to illustrate the entire Bible in LEGO bricks. From the Garden of Eden to the book of Revelation, Spurling illustrates with meticulous detail and a sense of whimsy, but always stays true to the scriptures. That same brand of oddly poignant illustration in LEGO was then brought to two history books, one concerning assassination attempts on US presidents, and the other on the American Revolution and the French Revolution. Over the years, her art has been featured in publications including Time, People, Rolling Stone, and Entertainment Weekly.

Also a musician, as ɘlbe, Spurling has released a debut album
gɘtting thɘre, a concept album about transition, becoming your true self for the first time, and the resulting consequences both ecstatic and tragic.
You can find Elbe:

Twitter: twitter.com/elbespurling

Website: elbespurling.com

Music: https://elbemusic.bandcamp.com/

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