The Craziest thing to happen on Sheila’s Bus


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Sheila Mobley on Ken’s Think Tank Season 2, Episode 9

Sheila did a great job driving me around in her bus, but we took some time to discuss he experience with it when she first started driving it. We start this clip with a description of her driving it home after buying it.

“… I was white-knuckled like this the whole time. Then we got to Bloomfield and I hit . . . I’ve learned not that you have to turn it wide . . . but I hit a lot of curbs. A lot. But, I’m pretty good at it now.”

“I was gonna do this in a 20’ trailer behind a truck . . . somebody would have died. I would have killed somebody. It would have not been pretty . . . at all.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened with you driving this?

“Uuummm . . . well . . . weeeeee . . . well, we probably don’t . . . I’ll tell you, but it can’t go on here!” . . .​

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