The Callisto Protocol Reviews & PC Performance Woes - Kinda Funny Games Daily 12.02.22


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Tim and Blessing talk The Callisto Protocol, Game Awards teases, and Star Wars Battlefront II.

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00:06:47 - Housekeeping

  • Kinda Funny Gamescast is up and it’s our Callisto Protocol review. That’s up on
  • Dead Space creator and Striking Distance Studios lead Glen Schofield is coming to stream the Callisto Protocol with us on Twitch and YouTube today at 11 am PT! Come for Mike and Greg trying to survive the nightmare, stay for their gruesome in-game deaths!
  • The Roper Report -

00:11:26 - The Callisto Protocol review round up

00:17:15 - The Callisto Protocol's Steam Reviews Suffer Following Reports of Poor Performance

00:21:22 - The Callisto Protocol’s roadmap has been revealed

00:30:21 - 505 and Epic Games have launched a teaser site for a Game Awards reveal

00:35:44 - Ad

00:38:57 - Hideo Kojima has further teased his next game with new logos

00:44:11 - Among Us has something to show at Game Awards

00:51:35 - No Mortal Kombat at Game Awards

00:54:47 - Monster Hunter Rise Is Coming to PlayStation and Xbox Game Pass Next Month

00:57:03 - Star Wars Battlefront II for PSP looks set to join the PlayStation Plus Classics library

01:01:27 - Fuser is shutting down

01:04:22 - Out today

01:07:28 - You‘re Wrong

Monday’s Hosts: Greg & Tim

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