Episode 12: The Name of the Wind Reread chapters 44-50 (The Kingkiller Chronicle)


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All right, King Killers, we're covering chapters 44-50 on this episode.

No Fitz on this episode as he serves a one episode ban for his questionable behavior in the previous discussion. This is a tantalizing one where we go further into the seductive nature of Kvothe's hands and Denna's ears. Also we discuss Elodin, one of the most interesting characters in the books. We see him do some unbelievable things, delve into his backstory, and speculate on what cracked him as we move through the rookery and discuss the psychological pressures arcantists put themselves through.

Finally, you'll get some insights into our tremendously impactful merch that we have coming. It's meeting a profound market need. I mean, think about it, how would people know how humble you are if you don't tell them? We're going to help you make it very clear just how impressive your humility is. We also discuss Kvothe jumping off a roof, and settle one of the biggest debates in the books: Are there poops, are there pees?

So sit back and enjoy.

Kingkiller Chronicle by Patrick Rothfuss
Name of the Wind Reread chapters 44-50






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