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Serena Bales has invested in real estate in Kansas City since 2013 with her husband and 4 kids. Investments varying from single families to commercial using financial strategies, from creative to traditional, to hold, flip, brrrr, or wrap. In 2018, She struggled to find an agent that understood real estate investing enough to help her find their next investment property. Since then, Serena has strived to become the professional that other real estate investors can count on to help connect the dots for their real estate investing goals. Serena has served investors as a real estate agent. organized a local chapter of a nationwide real estate investment group called InvestHER and is continuously creating new ways to connect others in her industry.
Serena Bales
Real Estate Investor | Realtor
Keller Williams Key Partners
4200 Somerset Dr., Ste.101, Prairie Village, KS 66208
913-825-7500 Office
913-912-9350 Cell

Interviewed by
Angeliina Lawson, AHWD, CIPS, PMN
RLI Land Realtor
Licensed Kansas & Missouri
Keller Williams Key Partners
4200 Somerset Dr. Ste 101
Prairie Village, KS 66208
Office: 913-825-7500

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