Berna Félix, ImaginedBy®, CTO


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Berna Félix is CTO at Imaginedby®, the Venture and Incubation arm at Butchershop® Global. While Berna originates from Northern México, his present day life is set in Guadalajara, a city that enchanted him in his early twenties for its wide-ranging cultural environment. He is someone who wants to try all the world has to offer, as an entrepreneur and as a traveler determined to taste the most distinctive flavors wherever he goes.

Although he is a strong negotiator and passionate about business, Berna’s life principles are non-negotiable. What will this old soul teach us on his arrival to the Island?

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Track #1: Wonderful World - Sam Cooke

Track #2: Congratulations - Post Malone, Quavo

Track #3: Viejos tiempos - La Coyota

Luxury Item: A photo of his family and friends.

Book: Outliers - Malcolm Gladwell

Host: Andrés Sánchez

Productor: Andrés Sánchez, Rosalina Estrada Medina

Script: Rosalina Estrada Medina

Sound Design: Andrés Sánchez

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