Leftist Reading: On Practice and Contradiction Part 6


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Episode 82:

This week we’re starting On Practice and Contradiction by Mao Zedong
The two halves of the book are available online here:

The previous episode that already covered chapter 2 of this book can be found here:

[Part 1]
1. A Single Spark Can Start a Prairie Fire

[Bonus 1, from the archives]
2. Oppose Book Worship

[Part 2]
3. On Practice: On the Relation between Knowledge and Practice, between Knowing and Doing

[Part 3 - 5]
4. On Contradiction
Section [i]
Section [ii]
Section [iii]
Section [iv]
Section [v]

[Part 6 - This Week]
4. On Contradiction
Section [vi] - 00:33
Section [vii] - 06:28
5. Combat Liberalism - 8:58
6. The Chinese People Cannot Be Cowed by the Atom Bomb - 15:39
7. US Imperialism Is a Paper Tiger - 19:23

[Part 7]
8. Concerning Stalin’s Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR
9. Critique of Stalin’s Economic Problems of Socialism in the USSR

[Part 8-10?]
10. On the Correct Handling of Contradictions among the People

[Part 11?]
11. Where Do Correct Ideas Come From?
12. Talk on Questions of Philosophy

25) 6:14
V. I. Lenin, ‘Remarks on N. I. Bukharin’s Economics of the Transitional Period’, Selected Works, Russian edition, Moscow-Leningrad, 1931, vol. XI, p. 357.

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