New Solo : A Listener's Guide to the New Solo Back Catalog


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Guest: Dean Blachford just hanged his solo shingle eight weeks ago. But he didn’t jump into solo practice blind. Instead, he reviewed New Solo’s back catalog and sought advice from host Adriana Linares.

He joins Linares to share his crash course on striking out on his own.

Five Categories of Must-Listen Episodes:

5) Inspirations from famous people

4) Building a marketing plan

3) Planning for proper financial management

2) Nailing down a collections strategy

1) Best of New Solos

Blachford’s Tech Stack:

  • Microsoft Teams for team meetings and video conferencing
  • Microsoft Word and Excel for planning and collaboration
  • Hubspot for contact relationship management
  • RingCentral to manage business calls
  • Clio for ease of clerk and client use
  • LawPay for client payment flexibility

New Insights (brought to you by Nota):

  • Veteran practitioner Starlett Massey answers litigation associate Melanie Kalmanson’s question:
  • Question 2 of 4: "What is the most underutilized tool in litigation?"

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