#33 Let’s Talk Cannabis in Retail Market with Adam Wick


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The retail market is been shown to be indispensable in the world today. The importance of the retail market, especially when it comes to cannabis was revealed during the peak of the pandemic. This week; Adam Wick, a frontline cannabis retailer gave his perspectives on the challenges of working in a highly regulated market and how he’s been able to use creativity to meet the needs of clients.

Adam is the founder and CEO of Healthy Hemp Outlet, a retail health and wellness company with one of its stores located in downtown St. Petersburg, FL. Per Adam, retailers are the first line of defense when it comes to patients getting valuable information on wellness products. Anecdotal data is the basis for further research into qualified clinical trials. Where else can we get this information if not from retail clients?

Dr. O and Adam dived deep into all things retail cannabis with a focus on removing the medical jargon so that patients can have access to educational material that’ll help them make an informed decision needed to help them level up on their wellness journey.

This conversation is a must-listen. Connect with Adam Wick here:


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“I’ll rather spend time with people that understand cannabis and want to prevent diseases….”

“Cannabis is like our lettuce; we make choices every day which type we want…. iceberg or romaine?”

“Homeostasis is like a Yoga instructor helping you to find balance. CBD can be seen in similar light” .... Adam Wick, CEO HH Outlet


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Dr. Lola Ohonba, PharmD

Clinical Pharmacist, Certified Medical Cannabis Specialist

Founder WCI HEALTH LLC (Alternative Health & Wellness)

Dr. Ohonba (aka Dr. O) is the founder and CEO of WCI HEALTH LLC, an alternative health and wellness company. She’s a clinical pharmacist certified in medical cannabis and a public speaker specialized in cannabis and psychedelics.

Dr. O helps healthcare professional, dispensaries and alternative medicine enthusiasts understand the health benefits of plant medicine using her background as a clinician and an herbal medicine user growing up in West Africa; so that they can assist their clients to level up on their wellness journey, saving money and avoiding adverse reactions.

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