Out of Site with Adio Royster and David Early: Philadelphia 76ers go West Coast Swinging!


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One. Two. Three, four, five in a row!

The Philadelphia 76ers went a perfect 5-0 on their trip out west with wins over both Los Angeles teams (Lakers, Clippers), the Sacramento Kings, Portland Trailblazers and Utah Jazz. They did this with the usual performances from Joel Embiid and James Harden, but the bench has also come through as well as Embiid and Harden both missed the game against Sacramento.

Speaking of the bench, Tyrese Maxey has been coming off the bench the last few games versus being in the starting lineup. Is this the kind of rotation flexing that Doc Rivers was talking about, and what do Adio Royster and David Early think of it.

After talking about the bench, your hosts give their thoughts on the Sixers win streak and then play a little “Rotation Trust Level” with a column written by Josh Grieb.

After the break, there was a report that Sixers owner Josh Harris was looking to buy the Washington Commanders. How does that play into numerous reports that the Sixers are looking to avoid paying a repeater luxury tax? With the trade deadline looming, does that limit the types of deals that General Manager Daryl Morey is able to make – like a Doug McDermott trade (that Adio is going to celebrate maybe a little too hard if it comes to fruition).

We winnin’, baby!

Peace. Love, and Sixers.

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