Ep159: Eyes + Email + Hearts = Faces with Henri Cousineau


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Today on the Listing Agent Lifestyle podcast we’re talking with Monsieur Henri Cousineau, from Montreal, where he's a real estate broker focused on leasing office space. He's been a realtor for a very long time and online since 2000! and we talked about the evolution during that time.

We focused in on the chain from getting eyeballs to his website, then people leaving their name and email address, then bonding with them over time, and finally meeting with them face-to-face. We discovered the weakest link for him is getting people to leave their name and their email address once they come to his site.

This is the code to crack, because from there, he's really got a great business dialed in and has been very successful in helping people once he’s able to be in contact with them.

This is a really good episode with a lot of transferable takeaways.

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