Christmas Special: One Night in Nutmas


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Merry Scrimmsmas Live, Laugh, Lovecraftians and a happy new year to you all! Enjoy a little special spin off while we get things together for the next part of our adventure and join Ivy and Brogargh as they step off the train to Caspus in the small village of Glögg to partake in the annual tradition of sitting on Father Chocolit's knee and receiving his used underwear as a parting gift.

Thanks to our guests Faz and Shaun for coming along, you can find links to their online things below. You can also catch Sam in A Shadowfell Symphony on Alternative Mondays at 6PM GMT over on starting in January. It's bard-ty time!


Written and produced by: Sam "2021 Was A Year" McKay

Brogargh Draconian: Lucy "Is On Wargaming Bumble" Eckersley

Ivy: Zoë "Thankyou For My Christmas Card" McGee

Jim Gërbreadman: Faz "Funniest Man In Space 2021" Alam

Her Fries: Shaun "One of My Favourite Members of Roll Together" Smith


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