Episode 18: Two Weddings and a Rat Funeral


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It's the last episode of Season 1 of Live, Laugh, Lovecraft... Will Snookums discover the 6th taste? Will Baccho find his Muse? Will Ivy ever teach Sam when the Victorians were? Will Brogargh learn to read? All this and more at some point in 2022!

We hope you enjoyed our show and we'll see you on Christmas day!

If you enjoy LLL you can join our table anytime on twitter @LovecraftDnD where we kindly accept fan art and Gavin memes as payment for our toil. We also love to hear your ideas and talk about our favourite moments - they all involve Mungbean, isn't that right gang?


Written and produced by: Sam "Is scared of CamelCase" McKay

Snookums J'Oliver: Steve "Should Spend Less Time With His Kids And More Time With Sam" Cross

Brogargh Draconian: Lucy "Lived In Yorkshire Once" Eckersley

Baccho: Kate "Australia's Favourite Daughter" Hunter



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