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Are you feeling a little “meh” right now? Meaning, you are living day to day feeling mediocre, and not overly enthused about anything. Do you feel you are living below your potential and often feel like something is missing from your life? But, you can’t put your finger on it. Today’s gal pal, Kari Schwear, will help you put your finger on it, you know, your finger with nail color or perfectly naked.

Kari got tired of lying to herself and became exhausted from the energy it took to put on the facade that her life was perfect. Because it wasn’t. She got sick of living a double life. That’s when she made the change and cracked the code that leads to joy, peace, balance, and everything else she had been searching for in life. Now, she helps hundreds of people like you do the same.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What Living in the Gray means
  • How to change a belief to change a behavior
  • Create new neural pathways
  • The life-changing SABER method

Here’s a glance:

[3:34] When it comes to making decisions and her nail color persona, Kari is a white-tipped, Practical Princess through and through.

[7:03] Living in the gray is a concept Kari adopted to describe the dangerous space we are in when we are afraid to take a risk that could change our lives.

[10:26] Behaviors are driven by the words we speak to ourselves.

[18:42] Kari helps her clients gain clarity by helping them identify the behaviors they want to change and then creating power statements.

[28:55] Changing neural pathways takes longer than 21-days.

[32:07] Kari’s SABER method stops inner conflict and the anxiety that goes with it.

[45:06] Awwwmazing is a fiery Fuschia nail color Kari thinks would inspire every gal to get out of the gray.

[46:56] In the Flip the Chip segment, Mary highlights Kari’s SABER method.

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