Kamari McGee transfers into the Wisconsin Badgers basketball team, Dillion Graff joins the show.


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Dillion Graff from USA Today joins the show to talk about the transfer of Kamari McGee from UW-Green Bay into the Wisconsin Badgers basketball program. What is McGee's game like? Dillion breaks down why he was a necessary pickup, how he's a high floor player and where he will need to improve. We chop up his ability as a secondary play-maker and why he can be a Trevor Anderson type -- which would be really helpful.

We talk about his fit with the team, why he probably can't play a ton with Chucky Hepburn and which spot is the next likely place for Greg Gard to target for in the transfer portal.

Finally I talk about 2023 HS guard commit John Blackwell, why you should trust Greg Gard despite Blackwell's limited offer list. Blackwell has a versatile game, I talk about why he fits a lot of needs on the Wisconsin team.

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