Nolan Winter potential Wisconsin Badgers basketball commit and Ohio State football preview


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Nolan Winter a big 2023 basketball recruit for the Wisconsin Badgers is picking schools tomorrow, will it be the Badgers and what would his game look like next to Gus Yalden ? We also continue talking about the big football game this weekend between the Badgers and the Ohio State Buckeyes. Will CJ Stroud remain perfect this year; or will Graham Mertz find a way to come out ahead.

We start with Nolan Winter, Justin and I talk about how he is much more than just a pick and pop player; he's a perfect player in the Badger system and someone who will thrive with Greg Gard.

We dive back into the big game this weekend and Justin talks about how the Badgers have to be more aggressive and not fall back into old habits of trying to run without using the passin game. We discuss the biggest keys for the Badgers to make this a tight game, the pass rush and the passing game have to be solid and the Badgers cannot have a repeat of the Washington State game where they shot themselves in the foot.

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