Wisconsin Badgers football recruiting with John Garcia, we talk NIL, Jordan Mayer, Jaquez Keyes and Chase Spellman!


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John Garcia joins the show as we jump into NIL discussions, recent Wisconsin Badgers football recruiting targets with OLB Jordan Mayer and RB Jaquez Keyes. We also discuss the latest in QB recruiting for the Badgers and dive into Chase Spellman.

The always luminous John Garcia from Sports Illustrated jumps on the program to talk about NIL and its impacts on the non-blue blood college football programs. Does it help level the playing field, or does it widen it ? We talk about the Wisconsin brand and what blue-blood means. We also jump into how NIL might change in the coming years.

Next we talk about two big recent Badger targets OLB Jordan Mayer and RB Jaquez Keyes. For Mayer we talk about his timeline and how the Wisconsin brand is a big deal to defensive recruits. For Keyes the frame and physicality scream Big Ten running back, we talk about his fit on the Badgers and who else is recruiting him the hardest.

Finally on Locked On Badgers we talk about the current Badgers recruiting picture, why there's been a reset and who the Badgers are currently looking at. We dive into in-state HS recruit Chase Spellman and the type of player he is as well as some big time schools expressing interest.

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