Wisconsin Badgers football takes on the Washington State Cougars in Madison, what does Cam Ward do ?


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The Wisconsin Badgers football team plays host to the Washington State Cougars as week 2 of the college football season is upon us. We talk about the Cougars transfer QB and potential future NFL draft pick Cam Ward and what kind of challenges he will pose to Jim Leonard and this revamped secondary. We break down Ward's game and look at some areas where quarterbacks like him have caused the Badgers issues - but we also talk about some habits from his FCS days that may haunt him in Madison. The pieces around Ward are ok with the Cougars offensive line having some struggles but former Badgers running back Nakia Watson ran well for the Cougars in week one and will have some motivation to perform well in his return trip to Madison.

We talk about the Cougars defense and why this game will be a nice test for the Badgers offensive line, specifically the two tackles. We also break down the updated depth chart, and talk about how the injurie to Hunter Wholer will put communication at a premium in the defensive secondary. Finally we discuss the betting lines on the game and why I wouldn't touch the over/under but I do think Wisconsin is a good bet to cover the spread.

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