Wisconsin Badgers football what we liked and didn't like from Week 1 victory over Illinois State!


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The Badgers won big 38-0, behind a strong game from Braelon Allen, Graham Mertz and Nick Herbig. We start the show with three things we liked and three things we didn't like. Badger fans have to be thrilled with Graham Mertz as the often maligned QB went 14-16 with no turnovers. We talk about the safety depth and why even with a tough loss to Hunter Wholer the new found depth at that position is a big deal. We also talk about some things we don't like including a curious and frustrating decision by Paul Chryst.

Next on Locked on Badgers we grade all of the positions. I break down why I think QBs and LBs deserve high marks - Nick Herbig in particular led a big-time performance by the LBs.

I talk about some the positions that didn't live up to their pre-season hype including a less than optimal job by some of the new cornerback transfers - particularly Cedrick Dort, we also discuss how well --- or not --- the new look offensive line played.

Wisconsin Badgers football what we liked and didn't like from Week 1 victory over Illinois State!



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