Wisconsin Badgers football, which positions are better or worse than we expected through three weeks ?


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Wisconsin Badgers football has played three games, Justin and I go position by position and talk about which spots are better than we thought they were and which spots are worse. We are both onboard with Graham Mertz looking incredible. Statistically Mertz is one of the best quarterbacks in the Big Ten, certainly nobody saw that coming. We also talk about the depth in the WR room and the surprising play from the two tight ends. Who does Clay Cundiff remind us of ?

On the negative side, both the running backs and offensive line have underperformed, specifically Braelon Allen is down from his yards per carry last year, is there reason to be concerned, or is it just early season jitters. Defensively we talk about the uneven play from the linebackers and we agree we expected more from the guys not named Nick Herbig. We disagree on the defensive line, as Justin is a little higher with their performance up to this date.

Finally we discuss the secondary and why we both think they have been about as good as expected given the injuries and new players.

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