Trade analysis, quotes from David Stearns, and dissecting the market after the Brewers trade Josh Hader


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We spent more than 45 minutes in an emergency podcast just talking about the Josh Hader trade yesterday, so let's tidy things up and make it a bit more concise today with the reaction to what the rest of the league did on the penultimate day of the trade deadline. The mark is 5:00 PM CT today for all trades to be passed through the league office to be official.

Dom (@Dom_Cotroneo) sits down to dive a little deeper into the return for Hader, feels the frustrations about why Hader, who is gonna close, and so many other ramblings to be analyzed in the coming weeks. Nonetheless, the Brewers are doing everything in their power to keep their window of contention open and avoiding a full tear-down like we see in today's game, and that should be admired.

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