Episode 669 - Analyzing the Montreal Canadiens' acquisition of Kirby Dach and drafting of Lane Hutson


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Inside today's Locked on Canadiens, we examine the Habs' trade for Kirby Dach and get excited about Lane Hutson!

Laura and Scott welcome Sebastian High of DobberProspects to the show to begin a deep dive into the off-season of the Montreal Canadiens thus far. Before jumping into the players the hosts ask their guest about how he analyzes the sport of hockey, systems, and players to get an idea of how he has broken down the Habs summer.

Which leads to the next discussion, who is Kirby Dach, and why should Canadiens fans be excited about the former third overall pick being acquired by Kent Hughes? What about the big centre's game fits into what Montreal is looking to do going forward? Sebastian breaks it all down to help clarify a lot of the questions surrounding one of the newest Montreal Canadiens.

Finally, to wrap up the show the focus shifts to Lane Hutson, the small but skilled defence prospect the team drafted 62nd overall. Beyond what we already know, why else should Habs fans be excited but Hutson and did Team USA mess up by not taking him to the upcoming World Juniors tournament?

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