Free Agent Board: Who should the Leafs target?


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The Toronto Maple Leafs could be looking to make some changes to the lineup through free agency but which players can we expect them to target? Mike DiStefano and David Morassutti go through the Daily Faceoff's Top 50 Free Agent Board and focus on players they would like the Leafs to consider. They start with some names in the Top 5 and if there is a realistic chance that Toronto could land a significant name (3:40). Mike and Dave move on to the 6 to 10 range and one name they would be all over if the Leafs have the cap space to get a deal done (5:58).

Moving out of the top 10, Mike and Dave discuss the first Leafs pending free agent on the board and are surprised to see where he ranked on the list (12:00). In the 16 to 20 range, Mike and Dave discuss the first couple of goalies on the board and a potential target on defence (14:05). In the 21 to 25 range, there are a few players that would be ideal targets to help the Leafs fill the needs they should look to address (18:42).

Mike explains why there is a player who could be a great fit in the 26 to 30 list if he is willing to take a discount in his pursuit of a Stanley Cup (25:05). To move out of the top 30, Mike and Dave look at players who could be in the Leafs' price range (28:42). To finish the show, Mike and Dave look at the final 10 players on the draft board (35:55).

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