Leafs targets on Bob McKenzie's NHL Draft Rankings


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The Bobfather's Draft Rankings are in but who could the Toronto Maple Leafs have available to them at 25th overall? Mike DiStefano and David Morassutti go through the top half of Bob McKenzie's 2022 NHL Draft Rankings and look at whether there is a debate between Shane Wright and Juraj Slafkovsky at first overall (3:18).

They go through McKenzie's list of players in the range just before the Leafs pick and some to keep an eye on in case they potentially fall out of the top 20 (13:20). The guys start to get into the Leafs range as they look at the prospects who fell out of Bob's top 20 projection (20:45).

They give a closer look at the players who they think will be the targets in the draft especially if the team focuses on positions where they are thin on prospects (28:00). Is there a player who could be an intriguing target outside of McKenzie's top 30? Mike and Dave give their thoughts on some off-the-board options (39:15).

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