Analysis of Etna wine region and its future with Dario Pizzuto


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Set at the highest point of the south of Italy Mount Etna has been the primary point of investment and exploration in Italy.
Etna wines have been able to make their mark in the global market thanks to their sense of place, history and inspiration that are able to transpire in each bottle. The volcano is planted on three sides, and each of them has its own characteristics and styles thanks to different exposure to sun, altitude, and soils.
My guest today, Dario Pizzuto, a native Sicilian, wine writer and importer is seeing the development of the island’s wines and Etna. Dario visits the region every few months and his knowledge on the region is incredible. He tells us in detail how each ‘versante’ side differs, the grape varieties of the ‘muntagna’, how the eruptions have created an incredible array of soils over centuries, how international grape varieties are growing alongside local ones and we hear Dario’s excitement about vineyards planted above the 1,000 meter threshold.
DOC and DOCG are not explained in the interview: DOC and DOCG wines are both wines with a designation of origin, but DOCG wines have an additional “garantita,” or guarantee, by the Italian government as wines of especially high quality.
To further explore the region I would suggest the book:
The world of Sicilian wine, from Bill Nesto MW & Frances di Savino.
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