Biodynamic Viticulture practises and principles with Douglas Wregg Les Caves de Pyrene


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In 1924, Rudolf Steiner presented his Agriculture Course to a group of 111, farmers in Poland.
Steiner spoke of agriculture to ‘heal the earth’ and he laid the philosophical and practical foundations for such differentiated agriculture. Biodynamic agriculture is now practised internationally as a specialist form of organic agriculture.
Steiner’s Agriculture Course comprised just eight lectures presented over a ten-day period. The path from proposal to experimentation, to formalization, to implementation and promulgation played out over a decade and a half following the Course.
It needs to be understood that in the 1920s chemicals usage in agriculture was growing exponentially and concern started to grow in the agriculture circles.
Biodynamic agriculture is now practised in 47 countries (Demeter, 2011) and, while it is nested within the broader organic agriculture movement, it has been at the forefront of organic farming developments, including, for example, the participation in founding the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) (Paull, 2010), and taking one of the earliest stances against synthetic nanomaterials by excluding them from Demeter’s biodynamic food and agriculture standards (Paull, 2011a).
In this episode, I spoke with Douglas Wregg director of Les Caves de Pyrene,
on what are the principles of Biodynamic farming and how are the famous composts are created and what’s their indented usage, How important it is Demeter and why? Lastly, I asked where some producers may use Bio for a second reason as for Marketing.
A deep dive into the topic of how and what are the practices
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