Blind tasting a closer look with author of Beyond Flavour Nick Jackson MW


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The challenge of identifying an unknown wine can be thrilling, and hearing that you got it is a huge satisfaction but no easy task.
Blind tasting can be a dreaded topic for anyone who wants to test their skills or preparing for it as part of a examination. It often involves tasting very many wines in a day which may sound fun but the pressure to identify the wine correctly can counteract this.
My guest Nick Jackson, Master of Wine and author of Beyond Flavour,
discusses his approach to blind tasting, through focusing on the structure of wine. A system that Nick perfected in the last few years while practicing for his blind tasting exams for the Master of Wine and which have proven successful for him.
Nick explains on the episodes how each variety and country has is structural pillar and by learning them one can more confidentially identify wines. And I’m keen to stress that as Nick tells on the episode, one should leave behind the aromas.
Blind tasting is still subject to personal feeling, but this approach is something that resonates with me and my own experiences with the WSET Diploma examinations and the way I tasted wine for these.
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