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Slovenia has been producing wines since Roman times, and it is home to some of the oldest wine-producing regions in the world. Vineyards are limited to the two extremities of the country where milder temperatures allow for successful vine growing.
I have caught up with Robert Gorjak, author of 'Slovenia a winemaking country', to discuss and discover more about the local wines and what is happening in recent years. We talked about Slovenia's climate and what grapes are popular in the country, Interestingly international varieties have been planted for over 200 years and have adapted well to the local environment.
Slovenia has many natives grapes making it very interesting to consumers and to those who are learning about it.
In the Episode we have discussed the three main regions
Podravska Wine Region
Bordering Croatia and Hungary in the east, Podravje is Slovenia's largest wine region famous for its sparking wines and world class dessert wines. The wines from this region are amongst Slovenia's most prestigious - Almost 97% of wine produced here is white wine. Officially two major areas, these are broken down into 7 smaller districts.
Posavska Wine Region
This is the smallest of the wine producing regions in Slovenia. The Dolenjska area being home to Cviček; the fresh, light and slighly sour red wine. Cviček has a rich history of more than 200 years and is the wine of choice for most households in the Dolenjska area.
Primorska Wine Region
Slightly smaller but producing up to 30% more wine than the Podravje region, Primorje is the most developed of the three Slovenian wine regions with an annual output of over 25million litres. There is a very stong Italian influence in this area; in language, food, culture, architecture and viticulture.
Although its long producing history, Slovenian's wines have struggled to establish their presence in the international markets compared to their neighbouring regions.
Slovenia also has a long tradition for sweet wines, with regulations resembling those of Germany and Austria and in the western part of the country, there is a growing trend for orange and natural wines.
If you are interest in learning more about Slovenian Wines, I wuold look at getting a kindle version of Robert Book's 'Slovenia a Winemaking Country'
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The wines of Slovenia
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