Jane Lopes on the good and the ugly sides of the wine industry


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In this episode, I spoke to Jane Lopes.
Jane is the author of Vignette, in her book jane opens up about many great moments of her life and she put a great deal of effort in explain how stress and anxiety have dictated many part of her life. And outside the book, she has been recently been part of an expose article about sexual harassment from senior members of the then heads of the Court of Sommelier. It transpires while talking to Jane that the problem extends to other parts of the business.
(find the link for the expose below).
This episode differs from others that have been released so far, in that it is focused on the life story of the author in and out of the book but nonetheless, I wanted to shine a light on it and I invite everyone to listen to this inspiring story. I believe that in her book, many people can relate to her stories, and while Jane tells her story she connects that specific moment in time to a style of wine and explains it.
In the first part, I spoke with Jane live, about some of the events and emotions that she had gone through. From the beginning, when she first became interested in wine, through to the stress of her examinations to become one of the few Master Sommeliers in the world, only to see it taken away. She shows amazing resilience and devotion and through her story, there is something that many people can relate to.
In the second part, we spoke about the recent sexual harassment exposé article in The New York Times, that Jane and other 20 women were part of, regarding the malpractice of senior members of The Court of Sommeliers in the USA.
Jane shares with me how the long-planned and researched article came together, how she had felt about it all and what she hopes for the future.
I can only thank her for sharing her story here.
Expose article from Julia Moskin of The New York Times.
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