Beyond fortified, exploring the dry wines of Portugal with author Richard Mayson


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A transformation has been taking place in the vineyards and wineries of Portugal during the last twenty years, bringing hundreds of new wines onto the international market.
Indigenous grape varieties that were once obscure are now becoming mainstream. Thought of as a country that produced mainly red wine, Portugal is now proving that it has producers capable of making world-class white wines while tapping into its long history for the production of wines.
With my guest, Richard Mayson, author of The Wines of Portugal, we spotlighted where and how those changes are taking place, most important change for many regions has been moving from Co-operative based production to private ownership of wineries as Richard explains.
He expertly divided the country into four broad areas: Atlantic Wines, Mountain Wines, Wines of the Plains and Wines of the Island.
Portugal's temperate, predominantly maritime climate has a great deal to offer winemakers. And there is significant variation nonetheless between its mountains, river valleys, sandy littoral plains and limestone-rich coastal hills.
We explored those areas and what are the key changes that are taking places and what it is that one should know about them.
We also explored the ancient Vinho de Talha and what are the category Encruzado and Garrafeira and more.
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The wines of Portugal, By Richard Mayson -
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