New York wine region, What's to know about it with Dan Belmont


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Dan Belmont, my New Yorker guest, and I discussed the wines styles, history, and the elements of the New York wine region.
It has a long history of vine planting and is the home of the oldest continuously operating winery in the USA – Brotherhood Winery Est. 1839.
In the 1980s the NY wine region revolutionised its wines thanks to the increased interest of the local farmers in planting Vitis Vinifera. The styles of wine produced then became more consumer friendly.
The small vineyards of the New York region are found in the northern part of the county - close to Canada which shares many similarities in climate.
Defined by its cool continental climate, the Finger Lakes are crucial to mitigate the microclimate of the region. The lakes were created by the retreat of the last ice age and function as energy batteries, both insulating the vineyards from harsh frosts during the winter and cooling them during the summer. This combination leads to the long, growing season essential to healthy grape development. Dan transports us to the shore of the lakes thanks to his incredibly detailed stories.
The region's leading grape is currently Riesling, found in both dry and sweet wines, but as the region is so young things may change in the years to come. Dan tells me about the many styles and grapes that are found in the region, which he tasted in the New York wine competition last year.
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