Honoring Your Seasons | Ep #40


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Your body has seasons just like Nature does. We don't yell at the sun for setting each day but we sure do get down on ourselves for the changes in our bodies. What if you were to love your body as it changes through the Winter, the Summer, and through the different seasons of your life? I'm sharing today about how to be in tune with your body's natural rhythms to experience more healthy balance. You can feel grace and gratitude as you flow with your seasons instead of fighting against them.

I'm Susan Collum, the mature woman's weight loss coach, and this is where I share all the practical and spiritual tools to lose those mid-life pounds for good. I'll help you take control of your body and your brain, so you can finally lose the extra weight and rebalance your hormones, naturally.

You can feel smart AND sexy, even in menopause. It's time! Lose weight — Gain “ahas!”

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