I am nothing without my oral history


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Second-gen Canadians across the South Asian diaspora are documenting our rich histories in innovative and accessible ways, thereby creating digital archives of our own ancestries. These platforms are increasingly occupying space online, symbolizing the very purpose of their creation: that history, personal and shared, is multidimensional. It is an unspoken but concerted movement to democratize South Asian history and share narratives aging on the margins. How do digital archives shape memory? What does the future of archiving look like when examining archives from multiple perspectives? Alisha talks about this with Sonia Dhaliwal, a Data & Digital Collections Librarian at the University of Toronto, Scarborough. Alisha is also joined by Tamara Khandaker, the host of ‘Nothing Is Foreign,’ a world news show from CBC Podcasts, to discuss the parallels between oral storytelling and audio storytelling in today's saturated media landscape.

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