How To Raise Your Vibrations For Shifting, Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection


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What Are Spiritual Vibrations (For Beginners) - Vibrations make up everything, we’re all made up of energy and vibrations, or at certain level on the frequency scale, we resonate with other things and other people and experiences.
And that is a fancy way of saying, when we are a high vibration, we attract other high vibration people, situations, objects, experiences, these things will find us.
They will seek us out and we will be able to achieve success in relationships financially, you know, business career, your purpose you’ll feel better. Your energy will be higher.
Everything will be improved because when you vibrate at a high level, you’re going to manifest that reality.
I’m going to get into how to raise your vibrations, but firstly, let’s understand that there are different levels of vibrations.
What Are The Different LEVELS Of Vibration? You have your body and mind, you have your spirit and your soul.
And then you have, you know, on more on the physical plane here, you have your emotions and your habit.
You have to have the intention and the desire to change when you have that, everything else becomes easier and you it’s basically just following steps.
So when you start changing, let’s just start at the very beginning with your emotions, your habits, and beyond that, your thoughts, this is where you start and then that will then affect your body and mind.
And that will affect your spirit and soul synchronicity between three areas.
But it really starts with your body, specifically your thoughts and your desire.
So we can create powerful habits in each of these areas, powerful habits and things we do, which will biohack, so to speak and change our reality, change our bodies and change the results we get.
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