Why Science Is Wrong So Often


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Science is portrayed as being like a god, or fact, unchangeable.

That’s wrong, science has been wrong incredibly often!

Throughout history, what we thought we knew as fact has always been changed and challenged, adapted and cancelled.

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In fact, the entire scientific method IS to criticise, doubt., disprove and challenge existing science, and known fact.

Right now, we’re coming back to the same things they knew 5000 years ago.

That we’re Inter- connceted, holographic ‘dream state’ like reality, can heal ourselves, manifest and create our reality, and our universe operates like a giant cosmic clock, operating in repeating cycles marked by 24K year cycles among other things.

To think that current science is all there is to know, is incredibly naive, and ignores history.

Science has always been changing ,proven wrong, adapted and ironically is now close to accepting most of the things they knew 5000 years ago.

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