MEP EP#333: Cody's Corner - Q2 2022


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MEP EP#333: Cody's Corner - Q2 2022

Cody Endlich

  • 10 years experience in electronic component distribution and commodities trade
  • Currently the head of strategic sourcing at Macrofab
  • Last seen on episode 318 to discuss Strategic Component Sourcing and MacroFab joining the ERAI

What we saw in Quarter 2 2022

  • Russia's invasion of Ukraine
    • Ukraine and Neon gas
    • Neon gas is used in semiconductor production for running the lasers required for the lithography
  • Lockdown hits Shenzhen as Covid Infections Increase
    • Components that come out of China directly effected
    • Raw material shortages causing ripple effects in other countries manufacturing
  • New Earthquakes hit Japan and Taiwan
    • Magnitude 7.3 earthquake occurred off the coast of Fukushima, Japan on the evening of March 16
    • Renesas and Murata operate factories close to the epicenter
    • Took 3 days to reestablish production
  • A Logistical Headache
    • biggest problem for MLCC suppliers at this stage is they cannot deliver materials to Shanghai and Kunshan

Magic 8-Ball

  • Cody thinks there will be a loosing of supply chain due to the impeding recession
  • Parker see's the industry streamlining catalogs of components similar to 2018 Ceramic Capacitor shortage

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