Nvidia CEO, Traeger CEO, Zebra Technologies CEO & Cramer’s Forgotten Stocks


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The Dow closed up slightly while the S&P and Nasdaq closed down. After a mixed day, Jim Cramer takes you through some forgotten stocks that you might want to add to your shopping list. Then, Traeger CEO Jeremy Andrus serves up some numbers on the growth of home cooking and how the grill company can take advantage. After, hear more from Cramer’s exclusive interview with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang on Nvidia’s artificial intelligence technology and his vision for the omniverse. Next, Zebra Technologies CEO Anders Gustafsson joins Cramer on the 30th anniversary of the company’s IPO and explains how it benefitted from the supply chain crisis. Plus, Cramer says investors have to stop freaking out about the stock market every time there’s another big COVID outbreak – hear why.

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