Maiden A–Z 50: Beer of The Dark


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Episode 50! To celebrate this milestone we had Peter Iwers (formerly of In Flames) of Odd Island Brewing in the house to talk Maiden and beer. We also give our feelings on the various Trooper beer variations. You might have noticed we have a brand new intro. The all-star line up behind this gem is Jonatan on guitar, the very much alive Erik Arkö on bass, and Dan Mortimer on vocals. Also, shout out to Gareth West for the badass banner for our Facebook group! For the rest of October, we are doing a setlist competition. Make your own fantasy setlist and send it to to join. The only rule is that it should be around 100 minutes in length. We’ll read our top three on-air sometime in October. Also, the big live podcast is approaching fast. The 20th of November at Gula Villan (Haninge) is when and where it’s going down!

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