Season 2: #15 - "It's Freedom Time" with Henry Ammar


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On this episode, Henry talks about experiences he had this past month that has changed his life. These experiences have created some incredible lessons for Henry and will be a great foundation for the podcast episodes coming.

It is time to break free from all of the things keeping you "stuck" and keeping you from shining your light. It is time to shine your light unapologetically and live your life fully. We are so excited for you to hear this episode and for the episodes to come.

Join us and be a part of the "Freedom Generation: The Generation that Changes the World." While there can be darkness in the world, there is a LOT of light, more than we can imagine. It is time to step into that brilliance and light, to come together, and make a massive impact.

You have gifts, talents, strengths, and experiences that the world needs. We will empower you to step into your power and love and brilliance, make a difference, and leave a legacy.⁣

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