Season 2: #18 - "Perfectionism" with Henry Ammar


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"On this episode, we learn how perfectionism shows up in our lives, how to release it and learn to really love our most authentic selves and learn to find joy in this journey in life.

Perfectionism can show up in many ways. Below are just a few:

  • Perfectionism can make us feel stuck.
  • We can procrastinate or never start something at all.
  • We could attempt something and beat ourselves up when we make a mistake.
  • We can be really hard on ourselves.
  • And many more that we will discuss this week.

You are perfectly imperfect and you are worthy of love RIGHT NOW! Remember that. We are excited for you to hear this episode and begin to become free from the bondage of perfectionism.

Let us enjoy this journey and remove the things keeping us stuck so we can live our dreams and make the impact we really want to make!

Enjoy this episode!


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