Season 2: #5- "Manifesting Your Best Life (Part 2)" with Kathrin Zenkina (@manifestationbabe)


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Welcome to Part 2 of this episode with the amazing Kathrin Zenkina! This is a continuation of an incredible conversation and part 2 gets even better! Enjoy this episode!


In this episode, Henry interviews his good friend and an incredible inspiration to hundreds of thousands of people, Kathrin Zenkina (@manifestationbabe). If you want to learn how to manifest an incredible life, relationship, and happiness, listen to this episode. This is truly an incredible episode!!!

Kathrin Zenkina is a #1-Amazon-Best-Selling Author, host of the Top-50 Manifestation Babe Podcast, powerhouse mindset and manifestation master, acclaimed speaker, and Founder of the explosively popular personal development brand - Manifestation Babe®.

What began as a journey of self-exploration, has boomed into a $5M company with a mission to change the world, one mindset at a time. Living as an authentic example of what is possible has allowed Kathrin to inspire and captivate audiences worldwide while providing her a platform to transform thousands of lives.

Her mission to serve others has provided audiences with countless hours of content via her podcast and social media, where you can follow along on her journey to inspire the world as a Manifestation Babe®.

Enjoy part 2 of this incredible episode!!!

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