Season 2: #9 - "Love Over Fear" Part 2 - The Root Problem in Relationships by Henry Ammar


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In this Episode, Henry goes into the root problem in relationships. This episode is good for you whether you are single or have a partner. He specifically addresses overcoming the "walls" we put around our hearts, breaking the downward cycles in relationships, the importance of emotional and physical safety in relationships, creating polarity to create chemistry in your current relationship or attracting the right partner, and breaking the patterns of how fear plays a huge role in our actions.

This episode is fundamental and we are so excited for you to hear it!

Enjoy this episode!!!


Henry has released a course with actress and influencer Rachele Brooke Smith called "Transform My Life." It includes 24 powerful videos, 24 action items with a fillable PDFs, a 30-day challenge, access on an app, an incredible community, and so much more!

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