02. Building a Relationship with God (Mamas Partnering with God Series Episode 1)


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Hey Mama!

In today’s episode we kicked off the first of the Mamas Partnering with God Series and talked everything Relationships.

Most people tell you the first step to getting to know God is to read the bible, but I shared my experience of how that didn’t help me. Instead it felt more like I was Facebook stalking God or just opening up a history book. This is why I believe the first step to partnering with God is to first build a relationship with Him.

We all crave connection and as you will see so does God. He wants more than anything to be a part of your life. He has already broken the ice and is waiting for you to make the next move.

Connection and Relationship bring with it so many desired feelings such as LOVE, SUPPORT and TRUST. Things you can only get from building a deep connection that is much more than surface level. This is why God calls Himself our Father because He oozes many qualities that only a father can give us.

I pray this episode opens your eyes to the amazing possibilities that partnering with God through first building a relationship can do for you, and that it opens your eyes to how easy it can be to build a relationship with Him.

I look forward to seeing you over in our group sharing what it is you learned from this episode.




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xo Molly

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