10. God Set Boundaries, Jesus Set Boundaries, Now it’s Time for you Mama, to set Boundaries.


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Hey Mama!

In today’s episode we talk all things boundaries and in a way that you have probably never heard of before.

Most people think of them as something scary, but if that was true you would calling yourself scary. This episode opens your eyes to the truth behind your boundaries and how boundaries are essentially everything that you are, your thoughts, beliefs, values, priorities and so much more.

I also talk about the boundaries Jesus set while he was here on earth and that God gives us boundaries to help us know how to live life as he has called us to rather than again going through the struggle of deciding what is right and what is wrong.

It’s so amazing how He has already done that for us!

I hope you enjoy this episode and I pray God continues to bless your week.






Listen in to learn how you can set boundaries as a Christian Mama. Then head over and join us in The Mamas Partnering with God Facebook Group where we continue the conversation and support each other as we learn how to partner with God.

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