Searching for Home with Naomi Thulien & Catie Lamer


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The short documentary 'Searching for Home' follows three young people as they transition out of homelessness. An intimate portrayal of young people on the margins, the 26-minute film is a companion to the MAP Transitioning Youth Out of Homelessness study, led by MAP scientist Naomi Thulien. In this special episode of MAPmaking, we spoke with Naomi and the film’s director and producer, Catie Lamer, about what it was like to make the documentary in collaboration with the young people it featured, and the research that inspired the film.

The film is beautiful, moving and honest. Naomi is hoping it will spark a national conversation about how Canada can better support youth who are – in many ways – trapped in cycles of poverty and homelessness, through no fault of their own. Watch 'Searching for Home' for free at

This episode of MAPmaking was hosted and produced by Emily Holton, and was edited, mixed and mastered by Elijah Walsh of Recording & Mixing Things. Thank you also to associate producer Samira Prasad.

Learn more about the Transitioning Youth Out of Homelessness study:

The next phase of Naomi’s research will provide youth who are exiting homelessness with portable rent subsidies along with a co-designed (with youth who have experienced homelessness) leadership program and coach. This MAP research is generously supported by Even the Odds (a partnership between Staples Canada and MAP) and the Home Depot Canada Foundation. Learn more:

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