Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/3/22


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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, China is massively larger than Taiwan in population, military strength, and naval capacity. China is on the move, stealing technology, and leveraging the full power of its government-owned economy to strengthen its military. China's goal is "the great rejuvenation" of their country to expand the communists' national power. Whether we like it or not we’re on a course towards war with China because they want a war. Then, America needs a Marshall plan to launch a Manhattan project of sorts to clean out the wokeness from the U.S military and make it strong again. A message must be sent to our enemies in China, Russia, Iran, and elsewhere that the U.S government isn't going after school board parents or former presidents, but we're going after our enemies instead. Later, was the greatest generation wrong about Europe? Were they wrong to risk their lives and fight for their country? What happened to the values and commitments of the tough American men of the greatest generation? Those strong patriotic values would offend people today. Afterward, Congressman Chris Smith calls in to explain how children in the Democratic Republic of Congo are exploited to mine cobalt for electric car batteries. Smith said that many kids end up with cancer and sadly these battery companies ingratiate themselves with Xi Jing Ping of China.

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